Hot Sauce in Roswell, Georgia

Once you try our hot sauce, you'll wonder why you didn't try it a long time ago. It's that good. Make sure you get a bottle or two of our specialty hot sauces from CRAZY JERRY'S, in Roswell, Georgia.

Biker Trash - D.I.L.L.G.A.F. - Habanero Garlic Hot Sauce

D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F is the third of three offerings in the Crazy Jerry's Biker Trash Line. This is a habanero, roasted garlic hot sauce. The explanation of the label is as follows: Do I Look Like I Give A Flip or you may choose to fill in the last word with something else! This is a well-known "biker" statement and a true life and attitude enhancer. This sauce is not intended for politically correct people! If you have not made this transition, we suggest you use some of this hot sauce liberally so you won't have any failures to communicate.

Brain Damage - Mind Blowin' Hot Sauce

Brain Damage-Mind Blowin'Hot Sauce says it all. This award winning XXX-Hot Sauce is made with mangos, mandarin oranges, honey garlic, habanero and chipolte peppers. To quote Crazy Jerry, "Now this hot sauce ain't for wimps or people just eat up with I.Q. It's for people like "Bones" (the guy on the label)... people with an adventurous soul looking for cheap thrills. The kind of folks who get their kicks spittin' into the wind and arm rasslin' big women". If you're not one of those people, try it might put you in the mood to give it a shot.

"BROZAC" Hot Sauce

"BROZAC" Hot Sauce - My old Bro, Mikeyman, has always had an anger management problem. He was always biting and head buttin' everybody and being a general pain in the butt. Now, after only one shot of "BROZAC", you can see he is totally calm and in control. So, if you think you might be mentally unstable like Mikeyman, try "BROZAC"- it couldn't hurt! Have A Great Day!

Cotton Pickin' Chicken Dippin' Wing Sauce (Hot)

Cotton Pickin' Chicken Dippin' Wing Sauce takes "the bird" to a new level. The Cayenne, Habanero and Jalapeno laced chicken spicer will have you "flippin" your wings and "smakin" your beaks. It's got enough heat to give a little "singe" but it will leave you with enough sense to get back to the hen house.

Devil's Brew - Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce

Devil's Brew is another product of that little devil himself, Crazy Jerry. This little concoction will not only give you garlic breathe, it will "burn you up". To quote Crazy Jerry, "I knew it! The devil is a sissy!" Roasted garlic, real Cayenne and Tabasco peppers are used in this devilish little package. It is not a bit timid, but, it will back off a little and leave you alone, unless you do it again.

Mustard Gas - Extremely Hott - Hot Sauce

Mustard Gas is Crazy Jerry's answer for the true "hot heads". This is beyond "chilehead" proportion with heat that "may cause nose hairs to combust". It boasts an "Extremely Hot, Use With Caution" banner on the side, cause Crazy Jerry made this one "the real deal". If you try this with sushi, don't be surprised if the fish doesn't try to get up off the rice to find water. Also, makes killer buffalo wings!!!

Oyster, Clam & Everything Else Sauce - A Lot Hot

Oyster, Clam & Everything Else Sauce is the perfect all-around pepper sauce for raw oysters and other sea critters. Enhance your chowders and gumbos or "jack up" your Bloody Mary. A Lot Hot takes the sauce to "hot" but does not burn your tires.

Oyster, Clam & Everything Else Sauce - Backfire (X Hot)

Oyster, Clam & Everything Else Sauce is the perfect all-around pepper sauce for raw oysters and other sea critters. Enhance your chowders and gumbos or "jack" up your Bloody Mary. Backfire gets a little explosive in the pipes for the real heat lover.

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