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Old Yeller Cat


The old yellow cat laying on my head is Hoppy - Betty caught us 'CAT NAPPING' on the floor beside the fireplace. Betty and I first saw him when he was a tiny kitten. He had an injured leg,but was still hard to catch.

A day or two later,Betty called me at work and said she was finally able to catch the little monster.When I got home,we took him to the vet,who told us that hoppy had a broken hind leg,and that he would have to take off some of his leg bone because the muscle had atrophied and couldn't be stretched back to normal. When his leg healed,he always walked with a limp,but it never slowed him down. Now you know why we named him hoppy. We had that hairy little man for 22 wonderful years and we'll always miss him. Some of the best animals in the world are those you rescue. They just want to be loved.

With your help, Betty and I are going to be looking around the country to help as many neglected and abused animals as we can. We will be donating $1.00 from each item we sell to different charities that will use the money to actually help the animals,and doesn't go into the pockets of some fat cat (no pun intended ) CEO.

You can stay in touch with us on facebook, and if you do order some of our products, we would love for you to post a picture of yourself with your favorite animal(s), the products you bought,and a little story if you want to. We will be posting periodically about the different charities we find. If you know of any good ones,please let us know. Together we can make a difference for a lot of animals who are suffering through no fault of their own.

Thank You and GOD bless,

Crazy Jerry and Betty Boop